Rural marketing strategy of asian paint

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Wide Range of Products Asian Paints used the strategy of offering a wide range of products to push competitors to the side and become the leading Indian company in decorative paint. The primary target audience for all of the brands marketing and communication activities has been the adult male who is the primary decision maker.

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Asian Paints Distribution Strategies

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Another way to gain a new audience and extend brand awareness is by collaborating with the top influencers in your industry.

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Promotion in international arena Asian paint is taking we from the domestic market and promoting its product in the international market with establishing colour world in those place particularly Caribbean, Africa Middle east Asia and south pacific.

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Dipping tobacco

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A huge amount fund is invested adcapaign for these product in the international market. It is a similar strategy to the initial strategy used in India, but it is now expanding to countries and locations outside of India. Here time bound completions of the job is assured.Asian Paints 3 Edelweiss Securities Limited Urban Recovery to Spur Growth Urban demand revival to boost paint demand Rural growth, that had consistently outstripped urban growth for the past many years, is.

home» projects» project on marketing strategy of asian paints PROJECT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF ASIAN PAINTS This is a research report on PROJECT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF ASIAN PAINTS uploaded by Sayed Arif in category: All Documents» Marketing» Marketing Management section of our research repository.

Asian paint is following unlque strategy of marketing in the rural areas by using their official mascot.

Asian Paints Distribution Strategies

According to the company it feels that picture are more dominant than name. Asian paint website Asian paints com provides several information regarding the product and various other information that is being required by customer and dealer. Rewards and incentives agency TLC Marketing is expanding by opening a new office in Stockholm.

Operations Manager at the new office will be Filippa Udén, who previously worked as Key Account Manager for Diakrit Interactive Media and Product Owner. Asian paints is the top most manufacture of Paints in India, and the third highest in Asia.

The Marketing mix of Asian Paints tells a lot about this company deals in the manufacturing of paints that are used for decorative purposes and has industrial company was founded in the year For operationalising this strategy, AP could select a few of the existing intermediaries, give them the tag of Asian Paints service wing, and follow a franchisee model of operations.

Being present in different seditions of the value delivery system and having a strong brand equity in the Paints market would give AP the credibility to operate a strong service arm.

Rural marketing strategy of asian paint
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