Burmese writing alphabets

It is written using a form of Arabic script. Assume the font does not include the Parkari-specific letters unless Parkari is noted along with Arabic script in the Support line.

In Syria and Palestine, the geographical centre of the Fertile Crescent, three nations—Israel, Phoenicia, and Aram—played an increasingly important political role. Cyrillic was most probably developed by disciples of Cyril and Methodius.

These additional letters were used for Old Church Slavonic sounds not represented in the Greek script. Arabic, Ajami, Berber, Comorian, Jawi, A number of other dynasties vied for power in Burma until the advent of British colonial power began in Normally an online keyboard provides on screen keyboards with clickable buttons to type characters.

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For example, Hindi and Urdu are very similar languages and belong to the same language family Indo-European. Every country situated in or more or less near the eastern Mediterranean has been singled out for the honour. Some think that religion was the motivating force, while others suggest that it was motivated by the need to keep business records.

The letters Y and Z were near the beginning of the Greek alphabet. It is generally written with a form of Arabic script in Iran, Iraq, and Syria. All of the alphabets in use in European languages today burmese writing alphabets directly or indirectly related to the Greek.

Some believe that diffusion is explained by the efficiency of the orthography; the Greek alphabet, capable of representing unambiguously a full range of meanings, was adopted throughout western Europe. Several letters specific to Sindhi were added to the Urdu script, which itself is an adaptation of Persian and Arabic scripts.

In general, however, most scholars classify Karen as a Tibeto-Burman language. Prior to the 20th century a version of Arabic script called "Jawi" was used.

Phoenician slowly evolved into Hebrew via Aramaic and Arabic via Nabateanboth within the area of its invention. Numerous Aramaic papyri and ostraca inscribed pottery fragments have been found in Egypt; the earliest of these can be dated to c.

The Semitic guttural stop, 'aleph, which did not occur in Greek became used for the Greek alpha representing the vowel A. Mesrop Mashtots in the early 5th century ce, was also based on the Aramaic alphabet.

Also, because Ajami has never been standardized, a font noted as supporting "Ajami" may or may not have all of the letters for a specific language.

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It is up to the font to show the letter with the proper appearance. Persian, Azeri, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Uzbek, This work is far less concentric, far more faceted, and has no time to waste on clever acronyms of ideologies when students are being arrested, activists are being sentenced to seven years imprisonment in the space of an invisible afternoon, and festivals of water and light are carried out around blockades and through soldier-strewn thoroughfares.

The end of Aramaean political independence marked the beginning of Aramaean cultural and economic supremacy in western Asia. See the notes above about this block and its Uniscribe requirements. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

It is now generally agreed that the originators belonged to the Northwest Semitic linguistic group, which includes the ancient Canaanites, Phoenicians, and Hebrews.

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The Leviticus and other small Early Hebrew fragments found in the Dead Sea caves, which are probably from the 3rd century bce, are the only remains of what is considered to be the Early Hebrew book, or literary, hand. Submit Tips For Editing We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

There is, however, no doubt that the Phoenician use of the North Semitic alphabet went farther back. Persecution of Karen People: Characteristics of the Karen Languages Karen is generally divided into three groups: Comorian Comorian is written in both the Latin alphabet and Arabic script.

The second was the invention, by the Greeks, of characters for representing vowels.Alphabet: Alphabet, set of graphs, or characters, used to represent the phonemic structure of a language. In most alphabets the characters are arranged in a definite order, or sequence, and each alphabetic character represents either a consonant or a vowel rather than a syllable or a group of consonants and vowels.

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Online dictionary for English and Burmese / Myanmar in both directions with a virtual keyboard to enter Burmese letters by mouse clicks. Search for:: English Burmese. Syllable rhymes (i.e.

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vowels and any consonants that may follow them within the same syllable) are indicated in Burmese by a combination of diacritic marks and consonant letters marked with the virama character သ which suppresses the inherent vowel of the consonant letter. Start studying Burmese alphabet.

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Burmese writing alphabets
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